Toy-Teaser: Our Hero, APPRENTICE from Dynomight NYC

Dynomight NYC formally announces their next major series release: Our Hero, APPRENTICE! First seen on TOYSREVIL via sneaky-reveal and now poised to enter the toy-realms soon, courtesy of Pretty In Plastic! Creator Justin Rudy shares with us: (Our Hero, APPRENTICE was) "a video game/comic concept that has been in my sketchbooks since college. 1997 to be exact."

DYNOMIGHT-PRESS: The first piece released will be a resin statue. It will stand approximately 6 inches tall and will be hand painted by me (Justin Rudy). This dude is heavy! The first set will only consist of 10 pieces worldwide. These will be competitively priced to most high end vinyl pieces. Under 100 bones.

[CLICK THRU for more words and sneaky-snaps]


Justin-adds: "The APPRENTICE pieces were manufactured and sculpted by the very talented
Julie B from Pretty in Plastic. She did a brilliant job creating this guy from the model sheet I supplied her. I highly recommend her if you need prototypes done!"

Stay tuned for more information will be revealed about APPRENTICE
and his ever expansive universe closer to the release date.


DO NOTE: that the pictures shown here are not of the finished painted piece. These are of the prototype.

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