Toy-Unveiled: Bat Boy by Go Hero x Executive Replicas


Go Hero offers up their brand new "retro" 8 inch tall BAT BOY available now for pre-orders here, with a SRP of US$24.99 (+ S&H) with an approx ship-date of the 4th quarter of 2010. This figure is flabbergastingly hilarious, especially with the teenie-paws baby-hands, and six-packed bod (courtesy of Dr. Mego) ~ CLICK THRU for more info and images, including peeks at other Bat Boy products as vinyl figures and bobbleheads. And keep a look out for an SDCC-exclusive.

"Up in the sky - it is a bird? No wait...a boy? A BAT BOY!"

PRODUCT-PRESS: From the Weekly World News comes the first ever Bat Boy figure! Discovered in cave by scientists, Bat Boy struggles to find his place in the world…more specifically a strong branch to hang from. He loves chocolate covered mosquitoes, long walks at night, and YOU! Give him a good home...but keep the pets away from him. Also, keep hands away from Bat Boy's mouth - HE BITES! In may be best just to leave him in the package.


GOHERO-SAYS: "This figure was produced with our friends at Executive Replicas and uses bodies from Dr. Mego! Note: The final product may vary. Bat Boy and all the Weekly World News characters are © and TM 2010 Bat Boy LLC" [More info via]

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