Beard Up! Paper Beard Contest by Kenn Munk


Kenn Munk recently designed a viking beard for the cover of the current issue of Design Week (a UK-based weekly design magazine). Kenn adds: "It fills me with warmth that you have to destroy the cover of the publication to get your toy - I think that's a first and it's a nice move from Design Week to play along with it."

To further encourage people to destroy their newly bought magazine, Kenn as launched a small DIYking Beard photo competition dubbed "BEARD UP!" on his website ~ whereby you send in images of yourselves in paper-beards and stand a chance to win prizes! Do check out the link for full contest details and remember, dateline is July 16th. CLICK THRU for some folks with happy beards!

(And I have the perfect theme song! Think Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" pop song pop but with words replaced...heh)

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