Custom-Showcase: COMIC STRIPPED "SPAWN" by VISEone


"Awesome", "Cool", 'Fabulous" ~ and the list of exclamations poured forth upon seeing VISEone's SPAWN custom 7-inch Munny, completed as a commission work for FULLER DESIGNS ~ utilizing Milliput, Collage Technique, Acrylic Paint and some Brushwork, and a whole lot of coolness (but I said that already, haven't I?) in the continuation of his COMIC STRIPPED comics-themed series of customs [Search]. CLICK THRU for more peeps and words from Wolfgang himself.

[7 x images in slideshow above / Full-screen Viewing]

VISEone: "30 days to NYCC - to keep myself busy until then I take care on my new canvas works for the COMIC STRIPPED series which I will show along with some customs of mine at the PATCH TOGETHER booth. So I'm working on several customs for my series now to have them ready for NYCC."

Next on the list is:
FUTURAMA "Smorkin Bender" (10" Smorkin Labbit)
HULK (10" MadL GID)

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