Peeps @ Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention 2010

[22 x images in slideshow above / CLICK for full-screen viewing above]

And while I leave the "convention-visitation details" unspoken (I'll tell you if you ask personally tho ssshhhh), I'll like to thank the organizers of last weekend's Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention 2010 (STGCC / Tagged) for their generosity and efforts, as well share with you kind readers random snaps of a wheelchair-bound dude, alongside a company of friends, both new and old, one fine Saturday, December 11th 2010. Hoping next year I will be powered by my own two standing and walking fetes! Thanks for stopping and saying *HI* tho folks - super well appreciated!

FYI: This se;lection of STGCC-posts are by no means a signal of TOYSREVIL's regular blogging-return (I am still now in hospital tho!) - that will be announced with as much fanfare as I can muster tho lol. As followers of my Facebook and Twitter constantly read: "Rehab Continues!"

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