About That Awesome NYCC Goodie Bag from 2010


Before I became "decommissioned" in late-October, I had the very honor to receive a super-swell "NYCC care-package" from the ever awesome Justin Rudy of Dynomight NYC, and Rob Losito (who shared with us his experience on ToyStreet) - with an unassuming brown carton box filled with wondrous toys, figurines and stickers from 2010's New York Comic Con circa September! I was so personally touched I was near in man-tears (and that's no lie, and I don't care if that makes me "uncool" ;p)

Want to have a closer look at the teasers above? Hey, this post is all about toy-Toys-TOYS! (And of course a heap-helping of thanks fr the support and generosity). CLICK THRU, and hoped you too had an awesome 2010 of toys and lurve!


LEFTFOOT Resin Figurine by Dynomight NYC x The Sucklord
(Including original sketch! Now that's a special-treat, IMHO!)
CLICK for Cthulhu Juice Crew-coverage on TOYSREVIL)


GREASTBAT by Jeff Lamm and produced by Monster Worship,
featuring sculpt-work by Chauskoskis.
(Truth be told, I'd always wanted a Greasebat, and
had never imagined I could score one! *Whoo-hoo*)


SKETCHBOT (Blue Variant) by Steve Talkowski x SOLID Industries
(The second coloway to be released after the OG-Orange
- and having the chance to customize one - this is indeed quite the treat!)


WET SUIT MARIA from Erick Scarecrow x ESC Toy
(Absolutely loved that the figure DOES stand on her feet! If I could,
I would have ALL ESC Toy-figures, mind you)


(A gift from Rob Losito - I am also especially proud of my homeboy
with his second toy - after Thunderape! HUAT AH!)

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Smack6102 said...

Very glad you enjoyed your goodies from NYCC :) Glad I could contribute a small part to the package. Hope you are resting up and will have an amazing new year :)

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