HALO Reach @ Re-Venture by 3A Toys (#RVHK2012)


3A Toys sure is racking up the video-game license left right and center! What with VALVE and Kojima's Metal Gear Solid, they recently added HALO Reach to their line-up, and 1/6-scale Carters were on display at their recent Re-Venture show over the weekend! (I first posted the pic HERE). The little light in the helmet was a sweet touch, I have to say. Sometimes the smallest effect works wonders, IMHO.


On show were both a painted and an unpainted sculpt, and they do look impressive indeed. The thing about 3A-licenses, is that they do not necessarily go with the 'trend', but instead progress on their own, and start their own 'trend'. Kudos.

[Images by 3A VOX + Terenace Tam - Posted with Permission]

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