MY LITTLE PONY: Friendship Is Magic @ Toy Art Gallery (May 5-launch)


With the MY LITTLE PONY PROJECT 2012 launching May 5th at Toy Art Gallery, here a quick look at customs from a variety of peeps who have posted their works on Facebook/Twitter - basically where everyone goes to get their news-feeds now (heh). The above Instagram was courtesy of Luke Chueh.

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Above: Two-Trick Pony from Angry Woebots
Below: Custom by Luke Chueh
mylittlepony-luke-chueh-01 mylittlepony-luke-chueh-02
Above-left: from Shojono Tomo
Above-right: My Little Xony from Nathan Hamill
Below-left: from kaNO
Below-right: from Julie West
[More My Little Pony customs on this Facebook-album]

And if you missed my earlier features before, check out My Little Pony custom-features on TOYSREVIL from 64 Colors, Martin Hsu, J*RYU and Zombiemonkie by clicking on the links. Mind you, this is not the first time customized 18" My Little Ponies made it into the consciousness of pop culture, with a series of 25 MLPs launched in 2008 - in celebration of their 25th Anniversary. The pony-ride continues forth this year, in a year-long journey! Check out THIS Facebook-album for snaps (courtesy of TAG).
"May 5th marks the launch of the MY LITTLE PONY Project 2012 Art Exhibition, curated by Sweet Streets, and pop-up shop with a dazzling opening night celebration at Toy Art Gallery. Twenty-five notable artists have created their own one-of-a-kind painted MY LITTLE PONY 18-inch vinyl figures. The customized ponies will be available for sale during the run of the exhibition, ending May 26, 2012. Ten percent of the sales from the MY LITTLE PONY one-of-a-kind ponies will be donated to Give Kids The World. Music at the launch party will be provided by Dim Mak. Beginning the week of May 1, artists COPE2, Buff Monster, Indie184, and others will paint pony-inspired murals at Melrose boutiques De La Barracuda and Joyrich." [Facebook-events]

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