A Look at Factory Painted "Tiger Boss" from Javier Jiménez x Max Toy Co

Dude looks like he's the 'artiste manager' for Japanese boy-band SMAP (Pink tie in a yellow suit? FTW!) and has just been told they are disbanding, and his face is in disbelieve and fearful white as a sheet, and eyes'a'poppin' = and I LOVE IT!

Shown here is the factory painted version of "TIGER BOSS" designed by Javier Jiménez and sculpted by Cristina Ravenna sculpted for Max Toy Co (image courtesy of Max Toy's Man In Japan; @quackmaxx). The figure features interchangeable heads with Javier's OFFICE CAT, but they will be sold separately!

More details as I get them … and I'm not joking about SMAP tho … :p

UPDATED: @maxtoyco has mentioned that the first release will be via Dai Kaiju Salon bar in Tokyo (Twitter @daikaijusalon / blog) on January 16th ("Happy New Year" bag @ 8000yen each). The USA release will be later in about 2 weeks.

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