tank girl 2007

i remember being blown away the first time i read a Tank Girl comicbook. the sheer quirky details that went into Jaime Hewlett's illustrations, the even quirkier dialogue and situations thru the mind of Peter Milligan. eventually i tracked down the earlier written works by co-creator Alan Martin and relished at the covers by the great Brian Bolland. Tank Girl was the epitome of the punk rebel-grrrl everybody would loveta meet but not want to get on the wrong side of!
shortly after came news of the big-screen adaptation, which frankly was a disappointment (didn't really like Lori Petty at all much, altho Naomi Watts was young-ish cute then :p) - i reckon tis hard to totally capture the essence and spirit of the comicbook, as commendable an effort as it had been (i still have the DVD and break it out once ever so often, while preparing for this entry, in fact) - one thing tho, it introduced me to Bjork's Army Of Me! :p
and from there-on, Tank Girl faded into obscurity, well at least in my little corner of the world ... until now:

Tank Girl gets a renewed comic-life (with IDW Publising) and new duds courtesy of Ashley Wood and writer Alan Martin this coming May 2007, with a four-part Tank Girl: The Gifting [via]

this is what Ashley Wood has to say: "So if there ever was going to be a new Tank Girl series, I would want Jaime Hewlett doing the artwork and Alan Martin writing it... right... Well if Jaime cant draw it, then damn it, Im putting my hand up... anddddd I am ... Tank Girl is a major part of my wanting to be a comic book artist, so Im super happy to be doing this with Alan" [via]

this is what Alan Martin has to say: "Here's the emerging new look for Tank Girl. We were concerned that she didn't make her re-appearance in the same, tired old clothes that she bowed out in some twelve years ago. What was alternative, upsetting, anarchic, and just plain odd-ball back then has since become common place. Mainstream media smothers us daily with punky chic, and modern day babies can be seen sporting spikey hairdos and Travis Bickle T-shirts. The uniform of the cultural revolutionary has been sold to The Man. So how to rebel? How give the finger to the fashion fascists? Normal is the only way ahead." [read the rest of it here or here]

am a tad "shocked", but i'll get over it quickish, becoz tis Ashley Wood, dudes! peep the AW-illustration below-left ... and my own redux kitbashed-version, on image-right! *LOL*
one more for the road, before she enters the new millennium with the new-makeover, i reckon ... but somethings never change - says Alan Martin: "she will still fart, drink too much, and shag a kangaroo." *heh*


ANTZ said…
u drive me NUTS!
toysrevil said…
muahahaha cheers dude! :)))
klim said…
Ash is doing Tank Girl?????


great custom bro~!
toysrevil said…
KLim = yep! who would've thot, huh? coolnessssssss :)))
Kenn Munk said…
As much as I really, really dig on the original team's work, I'm looking forward to see Ash' take on this. Bloody hell that's cool
toysrevil said…
likewise, Kenn! this single image i posted is just not enuff to keep me satisfied for long! LOL