i am a hoarder

what i hate dislike about packing my room, is the inevitable mess when it happens. and of coz i don't mean conveniently shoving everything into every nook-and-cranny ... tis about "being organized", which means loads of plastic containers and carton-boxes (aka. "fire-hazard").

which is kinda twisted-farnie in a ludicrous sorta premise - imagine a seventeen year-old's messy bedroom ... and then add a coupla decades' worth of "collecting" and material possessions ... you get the picture ... (and no, i ain't gonna be showing off any pics - i don't really wanna scar your weekend that way LOL)

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the main task is to sort out space for my toys, both 1/6th and vinyl figures. and since i have zero "display space", the vinyls are kept away from direct sunlight and dust (ie: shoved into boxes), while im trying to sort out a "system" for my 1/6th loose parts - with the intention that after all this is done? i can finally kitbash with lesser hassles of digging+scrounging for items ... or at least that's the plan ...

and with piles of white unlabeled comic-boxes (i can literally build a wall), ridiculous stacks of decade-old design and movie magazines and paperwork from projects+jobs long-since forgotten from human memory, i have them all tucked away as well ... and i always find it hard to chuck them all down the rubbish bin ... becoz in some warped way, they will be of use, somehow, somewhen ... and when well-meaning folks tell me to "get a bigger space"? the reality of it is, it'll just be even more packed with more things! and altho i might consider myself a "connoisseur-collector" of all things "pop culture" and "lifestyle", the plain and simple truth fact is ... i am a hoarder ...

[shifts in chair, pauses ... stands up awkwardly ... "hello everyone, my name is Andy ... and i like to hoard stuff"]

but amidst all the dust and hoopla, the brighter side of it all is discovering "forgotten treasures" ... of a folder of old sketches, of a bag of comics which i had been searching for, of a bag of loose kitbash parts, of an entire tray of 1/6-figures, of mini-vinyls bought years ago but forgotten (all will be shown in due time :p) and a stack of books procured during my insane ebay-years:
[anybody has any of these as well?]

altho i've forgotten how much i paid for them each (i was a relative noob, and hence robbed blind, im sure), it was a pleasant surprise to re-discover stuff and all i could do was shake my head in disbelief, with a crooked smile ... maybe sometimes it's good to be a hoarder ... *heh*

back to packing (tis far from done), coz everything's on my bed right now and i don't think i'll be able to get any sleep tonight ... regular blogging will resume shortly, thank you :)


END said…
Dude, what is that articulated black figure in your pic and how can I get one of them...gotta have it!
toysrevil said…
hehehehe the figure's a 1/6th Shadowman, courtesy of Dark Box Workshop = a matt-black vinyl version! im planning to do a proper review soon, with some "additions" to him ... til then, check out these features:
nicholas said…
though a lil overdue, thought i should leave you a comment to thank you for your post on my lego miniland figures. just in case i forget to mention, i love your blog and it's my daily surf spot! wonderful year ahead and cheers!
demort said…
I've been following your page for a few weeks now and I figured it would be nice to drop a comment and thank you for your blogs on some of your passions and interests. It is so refreshing to find that toys have evolved into a culture of sorts and there are people out there that integrate them into their lives and other cultures as well.
Keep it up!

A note on hoarding: Man I do the same thing! I recently found an old "Flava-Flav" of Michelangelo and he's been sitting on my desk...with everything else i find! ha!
Anonymous said…
I envy your stash of Wong Kar Wai stuff. Putting my own stash together but couldn't seem to get my hands on Angel Talk. Arghh! Nice blog. I will keep reading.
toysrevil said…
heya Nic - it's all good, dude :) cheers for the support and do lemme know if you've anything new, yeh?

Hai - cheers for the support too, dude! hoarding = good LOL

bigapplefan - yeh, it took me near a restless year to hunt down Angel Talk (if i rem correctly) - good luck with your collection and cheers for the support! :)
nicholas said…
oh i do have something new just out recently in very limited pieces.. big fan of wong kar wai too since 'Days of Being Wild'; did you buy the 2046 photo album? maybe catch up with ya when you have time? take care dude and keep on posting all these good stuff!