pepakura star wars paper models

fancy making your own (Lego) paper Stormtrooper (insert image)?

or even a Boba Fett / Clone Trooper or a Commando CT?

and if you're "adventurous", how about a Darth Vader?


all these and more Pepakura-models (including a Gundam series) can be found here :)

"Papercraft, or pepakura, is a method of crafting three-dimensional objects out of paper, similar to origami. Papercraft differs from origami in that the final product is usually made from patterns cut out from paper and held together with glue ... Using software such as PePaKuRa Designer from Tama software, it is possible to import and convert 3D polygon models from various sources, making it easier to design and create your own papercraft models ... Since papercraft patterns can be easily printed and assembled, the Internet has become a popular means of exchanging them." [wiki]

Pepakura / Download Pepakura

(cheers for the link, rizomatik!)

added 31.03: now that you've assembled the troops, how about the spaceships? *heh*


bonniegrrl said…
This is awesome!!!!
we need to do stuff like this on
Jacob said…
I found this great clip on It's a great claymation movie about Darth Vader and the Emperor: . I laughed so hard!!!
uidge untill said…
Wow, cool toys! I used to post about star wars toys on my web site but i've never seen such paper made storm trupers!
michaelsunarto said…
great finding!. Japanese people are really creative!.
fotokalender said…
oh great ... I need something like this for my Star Wars shelf!
muhd said…
y pepakura star wars paper models is no number ?????

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