sideshowtoys x medicom 1/6 punisher & venom-punisher

SideShowToys X Medicom Toys unveils 2 Punishers at a single go, one is the regualr early comicbook Frank Castle with his black and pristine-white ensemble, and the other is adapted from a What-If?-comicbook concept.

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the regular "Frank Castle" Punisher is seriously pedestrian utilitarian and made for the true-blue-fan, as he comes only with a pair of pistols/automatics and an attitude.

again, nice headsculpt - altho the smaller-body build might be a tad hard to "accept" (as Castle is a pretty big dude) ... maybe this is Frank "just starting out" his life of vigilantism? before he trained and bulked-up? before he could afford to buy more guns? ... and i'll stop here before i run out of things to say to "save" this figure ...

toy-ehancement-suggestion: at least give him an additional sniper-rifle? so at least fans could recreate his first appearance in Amazing Spiderman #129's (along with thier Medicom 1/6 Spiderman *nudge-nudge*) or maybe even issue #134? [comicpage image via] *heh*

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- available for pre-order @ SideShowToys [images via]


now, the Venom-Possessed-Punisher is another whole kettle of symbiote-tainted-fish:

looking decidedly buffed and more comicbook-like (which i feel is a good-thing), this figure comes stocked with what i reckon would be token-weapons (a pistol and a shotgun), which would've been cool for Punisher-Frank, actually ... and what would be great additions for this Venom/Punisher would be additional "detachable/attachable" Symbiote-formed weapons: like blades or bigger-exaggerated firearms? well, that's my toy-ehancement-suggestion, anyways :p

- first teased
- featured here
- available for pre-order @ SideShowToys [images via]

the figure is based on a What If-tale written by Kurt Busiek (issue #44, December 1992): "In this one-shot, after the symbiote left Spider-Man it joined with The Punisher (Frank Castle) instead of Eddie Brock. Castle used the symbiote's abilities to further his war on crime; he utilized the suit's shape-shifting nature to create glider-wings and even firearms." [wiki]

dude even made it to a Kubrick before this current manifestation! [kubrick-image via]
(shout-out to the folks @ thread for the reminder! ;p)

seriously tho, if they plan to make a series of "What-If"-figures? i'd hope they might consider a Feudal-Japan Daredevil, as seen in the Rick Veitch-written/Art by Tommy Lee Edwards-version [read more @ Newsarama]

any more What-If-requests? *heh*


  1. Sadly this 12" looks like it will be sold at a discount a few months after being released. Medicom should have hired ToysRevil for product QC!!!

  2. "discount"? - dude, you just said the magic words! LOL

    toy-QC? now THAT would be a darn cool job! anybody hiring? :p


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