ken keirns' hot babes in toyland

< this Ken Keirns image for his upcoming solo show @ Rotofungi got me all excited and i had to bug him for some info on what the folks should expect for the show, and this is what Ken had to share:

KEN: "Well, there will be a lot of old Fisher Price toys that are used as frames for paintings, oil paintings, some custom vinyl, a couple prototype toys, and a few plushies.

The Rotofugi Gallery is a gallery owned and run by Rotofugi, the designer vinyl toy store. I tried combining my paintings with vintage toys. Art + Toys in a toy store run gallery. I dunno, it made sense at the time..."

- dude, it all makes perfect sense to me :)

Ken Keirns' Hot Babes In Toyland opens May 4th, 2007 (7-11 pm) @
Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery,
1953-55 W.Chicago Ave, Chicago IL US - exhibit continues thru to May 27th.

- peep this Rotofugi forum thread for updates :)


Anonymous said…
I can't wait. Ken is the bomb!!
peabe said…
this show is gonna be soooooooo good.