toysrevil's WIN A DOKTOR.A ORIGINAL DRAWING (contest)

UPDATED 2.08.07: congratulations to "the fickilians" for winning the prize!
thanks to all who participated, and many thanks to Dok.A for the sweet prize! :)

*note: the comments section (with your emails) has since been closed to public-viewing*

In 1890 the French explorer Stephan LaPodd lost his arms, legs and one lung in an unfortunate miscalculation whilst on a trip mapping new Volcanoes in the south Pacific. Luckily, due to his huge family wealth and favorable connections within "The Ministry's" department for cyber-steam development, he was able to attain the use of a prototype "self ambulatory environment protection suit" initially intended for deep-sea divers. After a trip to his Taylor to make the thing "Look respectable at dinner parties and the theatre" he successfully re-entered polite society ...
... this is the story of the Cephalapod Mechtorian and in appreciation of my valued readers (truly) both Doktor A and myself have a brand new contest for YOU to win an authentic hand-drawn ink drawing by Doktor A!!!

measuring 6" X 8" and drawn in Japanese calligraphy ink on very heavy weight watercolour paper (its like board with a jolly nice hammered texture) - the Cephalapod Mechtorian can be YOURS just by leaving your email address in the comments section (and maybe a little reason why the Cephalapod Mechtorian should be yours, yeh? just for fun *heh*) = dateline for entry is 24th July (midnight, Singapore time) whereby a single lucky winner will be drawn to receive this drawing = *GOOD LUCK!*
01. REMEMBER to list your email address!
02. FYI: ALL COMMENTS ARE BEING MODERATED - which means it will not appear on the comments section immediately (sorry, haveta keep out the spam). check back again laterz to see if it's up - i'll try to update/approve them as often as i can, yeh? thanks!
03. you can consider posting your emails as such: iwannawin [at] (to avoid spambots :p
04. REMEMBER to list your email address! it'll be such a waste if you forget to...

01. one submission/comment per person, thanks :)
02. multiple submissions/comments will be disqualified, sorry :p
03. once a winner is drawn, he/she will be contact via email for a mailing address. pls reply promptly, thanks
04. winner will also be announced on this blog :)
05. all email addresses submitted will be utilized subsequently for both Doktor A's monthly newsletter list (example), as well as Toysrevil's (eventually ... i hope :p)
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