the invasion of kaijubento's wagamo vinyl monster

keep a watch-out for fledgling new toy-maker; Kaju Bento's WAGAMO!
= becoz it's here to conquer your home town!

designed by Jean-Marie Sauve, manufactured by Kaijubento and distributed by DKEToys (retailers take note), the vinyl WAGAMO stands 5"-ers tall and is priced at US$20-per, currently with 2 color-variants planned: Green and Black (limited to 500-pcs each) and is scheduled for an early-September drop ... i had a quick chat with Jean-Marie about WAGAMO and The Island of Dr.Spagh ... /// CLICK HERE TO READ

TOYSREVIL: how did the concept and creation of Wagamo come about? what were your influences?

JEAN-MARIE SAUVE: Well, the concept is about a Dr.Spagh who was working for the government and had gotten fired, and now he wants revenge! So he decided to live alone in an island and tried to create a monster ...that’s what he did, when he accidently dropped a piece of sushi in a formula he concocted to conquer the world. My influence is a mix between Ultraman and japanese cartoon I watched as a kid.

TRE: can't wait for your "hero" to appear to "fight" Wagamo tho! LOL - what is the WAGAMO? does the name mean anything?

JMS: The name does’t mean anything ... I like this name and it sounds catchy ... say it out loud three times and you'll see! wagamo! WAgamo! WAGAMO! ;) ... but he is made from sushi and I needed a name which sounded just like a little bite; like sushi!

TRE: i'll never look at a sushi like i do now, ever again! LOL - how big is Wagamo in your story? and how big is Wagamo the toy?

JMS: In my story he’s about 20 feet tall. The toy is 5 inches tall.

TRE: any further variants / colorways planned in addition to the current black and green?

JMS: If people like Wagamo, I’ve planned some variants colors.

TRE: "The Island of Dr. Spagh" - could we expect more denizens to be vinyalized in the near future? :)

JMS: Yes, I’ve got other monsters and some hero on my drawing table!

TRE: looking forward to them, Jean-Marie! so what are Dr. Spagh and Kaijubento's plans for world domination?

JMS: Releasing the Wagamo for early September and reclaming from your retailers to have it. When you get your Wagamo you can send us a picture of him and tell us where he’s living. We’ll track all the Wagamos around the world on our Website.

TRE: sounds good to me! and in closing, please tell us about what KaijuBento is and who Jean-Marie Sauve is...

JEAN-MARIE SAUVE: Kaijubento is a toys vinyl company owned by Jean-Marie Sauve. I worked for almost ten years in animation business for t.v. series :)

TOYSREVIL: cheers for your time, Jean-Marie and good luck with Wagamo and friends!


  1. WOW! Terrific!
    I can't wait to have one of them invading my house!
    This new creator has a real talent.
    Two thumbs up!
    Freddie, US


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