the box says: star wars darth vader kaws version

Tomm's blog has out-of-box images of KAWS VADER [tagged]
which i can only 'presume' are from online auctions (*heh*)

i'd not speculate on the current prices, but if KAWS himself has stated (officially on his blog, no less) that the figure will NOT be sold outside of OriginalFake, Tokyo (ie: on KAWSONE) - then mayhap ebay/yahooauctions are the ONLY way to go, yeh? *happy hunting!*

just bare in mind original cost of item is US$150 (plus tax) with the production limit between 500-1,000 pieces? ("between" becoz i never could authenticate a FIRM-number thus far tho) ... but i haveta admit, this figure is really starting to grow on me (via online images only tho), moreso becoz im a latent-Darth Vader-fan, and that this current form is actually pretty adorable (for a Sith anyways) - the only thing "missing" would be a lightsabre... *heh*

added 30.9: the generous-folks from Instinctoy has posted multiple views of the
vinyl-Sith-lord HERE [all original images via] - as well as confirm the initial cost of
item @ 17,640YEN (US$153+) and an adorable baby-height of 25cm-tall LOL :)

dammit now i really want this, but will never pay for the inflated prices ... *heh*


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