diy toilet-roll viper: my first paper toy (sorta)

an entire day of reminiscing and personal indulgence led to this:
in a era of hi-tech multi-spectrum-colored hyper-detailed toys, here's my humble
(and perhaps first-ever) DIY-papertoy (sorta): the Toilet-Roll VIPER!

click HERE to view the entire process via my flickr-album, OR click HERE to see them
in this blog-post - and if you actually ever do mak'em, SEND ME PICTURES! *LOL*

y'all know im just fartin' around, doncha? okay, FINE! - i'll do better NEXT time! LOL

meanwhile - this is the real deal: The Colonial Viper [images via]

NOTE: if the "instructions were not clear enough, i apologize, for there was no intention to make an entire post out of this, so i had to reverse-engineer the final Viper and be as clear as i could, yeh? thanks for understanding! LOL


Tahir said…
that is cool Andy. U gonna add more to it or leave it as it is? I think you need to send that over to Custom Toy Lab
toysrevil said…
lol thaks Tahir! i knocked this out in 20mins or less, muckin' about actually - maybe one day i'd do a "proper" one, with paint and all LOL ... oh man, im afraid if i submit this to CTL, i may be offending others who've put their creative efforts on their works, comapred to my toilet-paper-toy LOL

i am more to come, actually hehehehehe :p
Ah 9 said…
wahahaha! cool!

eh add some decals lah, make it earn more respeckta! haaa
jimmy foo said…
heheh....very really should get those paints out. If you don't mind I'll post a link to this over at Vinyl Toy Forum...It'll go down very well....I'll definitely have to have a go at one of these.
Marshall Alexander said…
I think it is brilliant in its simplicity. Spot on.

Concerning the origin of the material you used, I'm almost afraid to ask what you did use for glue ;)
toysrevil said…
Andrew/Ah9 = LOL coming "soon" bro! ... if i get any free time, i will! and if i collect enuff toilet-cores, i'll do a suadron! LOL

Jimmy Foo = pls by all means, sir! anything for a good laugh LOL - more to come ... maybe :p

Marshall = thanks, man! you mean glue from before or now? LOL - can't remember back then, perhaps it was sticky-tape (scotch-tape) as well? hehehehehe - i have always been a strong "supporter" of sticky tape LOL
ninjatoes said…
If you want to see how mine turned out: ;o)
Elizabeth said…
I love this! I'm going to make some for my boys - they will love it!!

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