junko mizuno's keiko and kaori from kidrobot

new from Kidrobot's October-releases is Junko Mizuno's KR-debut
duo-vinyls: Keiko The Director and Kaori The Nurse:

the vinylization of Mizuno's principle-characters from her Pure Trance-manga (created for the Pure Trance techno-compilation CD-series / translated in English and published by Last Gasp in 2005) sees KR venturing beyond their usual recent cutesy-character fare and down the path of a decidedly more "adult" arena (with exposed boobs and all) - heightened by Mizuno's hyper-hentai killer-kawaii-ness, buzzsaws and ooze-creatures firmly in hand = appreciating the diversity and details, and definitely not for your average kiddie-toy-shelf display, fer shure! = *cool*

(above prototype-images of KEIKO via VinylPulse) limited to 500pcs each, KEIKO and KAORI are slated for a October 11th-drop @ US$75-per (i just wish i knew how big they are tho) - meanwhile Mizuno's preparing for a group show titled "Tender Succubus" (October 6th - 27TH) @ Gallery Nucleus [read more via Mizuno's blog / images via] featuring more of her signature-imaginery.

/// CLICK HERE to read more about 'Keiko Yamazaki' and 'Kaori Suzuki'

Pure Trance (ピュア・トランス Pyua toransu?) is a manga by the Japanese artist Junko Mizuno published in 1998. Her first full-length manga story, it was created for the Pure Trance techno compilation CD series. The comic is defined as shōjo (for girls), but goes far beyond the conventions of the genre. Last Gasp published an English translation of Pure Trance in July 2005; the edition was produced by jaPRESS.

Keiko Yamazaki: the Director of the Over Eaters Treatment Center 102. Since her origns and training are a mystery, it is unclear why her words and actions are so violent and irrational. She is addicted to "liquid apple," a substance that is meant for use in the hospital, but when injected into a healthy body causes hallucinations.

Kaori Suzuki: a nurse at Center 102; one of the few sane people there. Educated properly in a privileged household, Kaori is a reliable nurse with a strong sense of responsibility. She was shocked when she first met the director, because she had never seen such a nasty person before. Kaori's brave nature keeps her determined, even against the director.


and here is Jonathan Ross interviewing Junko Mizuno for Japanorama (circa 2002)