may the force be with you: star wars kubricks series 8

Star Wars Kubricks are one of those category of toys i'd love to have but never dared started on, becoz i KNOW it'll definitely lead me down the Dark-path of collecting, having the need to collect EVERY figure in the series (rather than just the ones you like :p) becoz they are from a larger tapestry of characters and story, irregardless of how you might feel for all the movies ... and now comes Series 8, which features characters from 'The Phantom Menace' (SW.01) = hyper-detailed (Kurbicks-style) especially in Darth Maul (with double-bladed lightsaber) and Queen Amidala, and with both C3PO and Battle Droid going beyond your regular Kubrick-forms; at least in their arms-form and body-detail (IMHO). Qui-Gon Jinn and Podracer-Anarkin Skywalker round out the series ... and if they've gone by way of LEGO and outfit these chaps with their individual vehicles? i'd both envy and pity the average SW-Kubricks collector! LOL

Medicom's Star Wars Kubricks Series 8 is slated for a March 2008-drop @ 11,088YEN / US$96+



Anonymous said…
yes... -_- i AM weak and thou art strong...XDD but this series is really too hard to resist!