about that toysrevil-exclusive free downloadable 3eyedbear papertoy named "undy"

c'mon, ya know DIY-paper-bears in undies turn ya on are known to be sexay-beasts, innit? and i've been told that it may be used as a good luck talisman (*performance-wise*nudge-nudge*) ... why, Y-fronts are the new boxers! and nothing like a Korean-popstar-hair-styled 3EYEDBEAR-rawkstar to get your blood-a-pumpin' and juices flowin' like waterfalls, innit? ... don't make me start quoting statistics now, ya hear?


...just go download the free TOYSREVIL-Exclusive papertoy aptly named; UNDY [designed by Maarten Janssen / interviewed] and i'll stop going-on in this post and i'll leave you in peace - *deal?* ;p


Kay said…
Fancy pantsy! Very cool!

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