about that whysoserious dark knight viral halloween scavenger hunt

NEW UPDATE: click HERE to upload your Joker-pics, deadline is 11:59pm, November 17th (which means one could literally go cross country innit? youtube the whole journey, folks and good luck!)

UPDATE: it's not a Scavenger Hunt but a Photo-Challenge! click HERE to read update :)

and so on the stroke of Halloween-midnight (12noon-ish Singapore time), the Pumpkin has disappeared and has been replaced by a "cross country" Scavenger Hunt! this is what is shown now on the Dark Knight-viral website: WhySoSerious.com:

while you may not necessarily have to transverse across 21 States in the US (that would be uber-fun tho, IMHO - and utterly insane as well :p) participants are to submit photographs of the locales/objects from the given clues - which can be found/deciphered by clicking on each individual cut-outs peppered on the page (which reminds me of a scene in Tim Burton's BATMAN with Jack Nicholson's Joker shredding away in his lair LOL) - for which i have saved as individual images which you can use HERE / or my FACEBOOK Album (just send me pics when you're done, please LOL) ... and remember, you can't start before daylight (as the note mentions) becoz im sure the camera-flash's gonna giveya away LOL ... no email-address were to be found on whysoserious tho ... or would it be tragicpast@ibelieveinharveydenttoo.com? (from the ibelieveinharveydent-era?) ... *hhhmmmm* = *good luck, clowns!*


i spent 3hours getting these screengrabs up, hope it helps you folks? again, GOOD LUCK!


george said…
I can't believe you screen grabbed all of that and put it in order! You rock the geek blog world hard!
toysrevil said…
cheers George, you are too kind!

at the 2hour-mark i was thinking "WTF am i doing?" ... and when i finished i reckon if i were there in the States, i'd be borrowing a videocamera and film the hunt, join the comp and post the journey on youtube! and if i could blog live during the trip, hell yeah! ... gawd i am a geek. muahahahahaha lovin' teh geek-life! LOL
BigAppleFan said…
I am guessing it says "The only sensible way to live in the world is without rules"