about that ghostface killah doll

from what i read of the product package description, 4CAST Limited is going
all-out for their Ghostface Killah Doll - starting with his own dedicated website.

featuring the likeness of '90's hip-hop icon Ghostface Killah (formerly of Wu-Tang Clan) and rawking a Ghostdini-robe, NY Yankees-cap and do-rag, and wearing his signature Wallabees, the figure is topped off luxuriously with both his Eagle Wristband, Chain and Pendant - made with 14k gold (with a 'diamond' on the wristband as well) - sure as heck's gonna be a heavy figure, innit? *heh*

the "sounds" of Ghostface are not left out, press a button and hear Ghostface himself spout: "I put it in em shot up in em deadly venom / Ghostface, ghostface / Remember when i longed dicked you and broke your ovary / Yo bitch i fucked your friend ya you stank ho." - included also is a mixtape with 36 of Ghostface's greatest hits mixed by World Famous Beat Junkie, DJ Rhettmatic. tagged at US$499.99 - read more of the product here [all info+images via] ... the only thing i couldn't find was the size of the figure tho ~ *heh*

[tipoff via HighSnobiety]


  1. Nice pics Andy-BUT I don't think I will be getting this one. There needs to be more collectible hip hop figures/vinyl but it needs to be high quality. So what it comes with real gold accessories? The likeness is not too good and there is hardly any articulation. I would love to see Enterbay attack this or even Mezco. They did a brilliant job on the Notorious B.I.G. figure and Flavor Flav figure. And they kept it at a great price point...


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