transformers animated toys: lockdown and prowl


online-auctions of Transformers Animated-toys slowly beginning to pop-up, this time continuing with Autobot PROWL and Decepticon LOCKDOWN - on auction again (altho i appreciate the seller; 'Paranoid' for this image of both 'bots together for size comparison) - and be prepared for more of the same few figures before any "new" characters are introduced (remember when we were deluged with Bulkheads before anything else?) ... but yes, i really shouldn't complain (except for removing watermarks gggrrrr) - and dammit, the figures have been pretty addictive thus far, IMHO ... *heh*

...i would love for the bike to be 1/6th-scaled tho ... *heh*
Lockdown's car-mode smacks heavily of comicbook Batmobile, that's why i lurve it! *cool*
peep auction-pages for more pics of PROWL and LOCKDOWN [source]


EVA_Unit_4A said…
I really like that Prowl toy design! The character drawn in the upcoming series is a little less robot-looking than I'd like, but I'll definitely get him when I see him! I just hope his joints aren't too loose because of that size...
I've also seen the purple prototype of Starscream, and I'm definitely gonna get him too! And I'm looking forward to seeing how triple-changer Blitzwing turns out in toy form before I make up my mind about him.

But what I absolutely can't stand is how out-of-scale Optimus Prime is going to be- he's only slightly bigger than Bumblebee, but stands no taller than the Classics Prime! And this new Bulkhead toy is now gonna be way bigger than the Prime toy!? I'll still get Prime if this is the only one they're gonna make of him, but I mean, WTF!?

Oh, BTW, what is up with BB's weapon? Very clearly his hands spin around into his arms, and then his forearms rotate around to expose blasters... why couldn't the toy do that? It's certainly large enough to have the blasters and hands molded onto the same piece, and then just switch them around! He looks good, but I think the Classics ver. is better.


Oh, and you were right about Lockdown here resembling the Batmobile; though I likened him more to the Batmobile from the 90s animated series (pwnage, that show!), but a little shorter.

A lot of people are complaining about the proportions of the toys, but what makes it fun for me is that the toys so closely resemble their on-screen counterparts without too much sacrifice to either mode! And ya know what? It is a change from the styles in the past. I'd even go as far as to say that they are a breath of fresh air, just like the 2007 movie's designs- not how I would have gone about designing them if I could have, but not bad. And, so far, they're not really dependent on gimmicks other than transforming to be their selling points- their gimmick, as it was way back in G1, is transforming. Perhaps we need some of that as a reminder now...