about dynomight nyc's bumrush vinyl-brawler from esc toys

with his meaty beast hands and unconquerable skills in back alley brawls, BUMRUSH has traveled the urban lands, for vengeance ... or for love? or is it for a quest for something far greater? and just who is this paper-bagged and horned-headed brawler named BUMRUSH? and where did he come from? (word is he's come from a shanty town shipping yard, but no one can be for sure) ... these are the questions that needed to be answered and i tracked down John Battistini (co-creator of Bumrush) of DynoMight NYC for the lowdown of this new vinyl-contender produced by ESC Toys! /// CLICK HERE TO READ MORE INCLUDING EXCLUSIVE PICS

TOYSREVIL: can you tell us, who is BUMRUSH? and what's his story?

JOHN BATTISTINI / DYNOMIGHT NYC: (for the ultimate experience, please read the following aloud in a faux British accent.)

Origin: Shanty Town Shipping Yard
Occupation: Traveling Oddity
Interests: Back Alley Brawling, Vigilante Justice, Kickball
Weapons: Meaty Beast Hands!

Many urban myths surround this mysterious wanderer. Just close your eyes and point to any location on a map. Bumrush has probably ventured right beneath your very finger. With grand adventures both near and far, each tale Bumrush creates is more fantastic than the last!

But what drives this little behemoth to roam the world? A search for lost love? Vengeance, perhaps? Or is it a quest for something far greater? Speculations have been made, but answers still evade. (Although, rumor sites on the Internet have been flooded with sensationalism and hearsay).

So keep your ears to the streets and your eyes glued to the distant horizon, for Bumrush will undoubtedly roam into your city sometime soon!

TOYSREVIL: in urban-man-of-mystery, eh? why the name "Bumrush"?

DYNOMIGHT NYC: That's his street fighting name.  Why is he called that? Well, you'd have to ask him. But be forewarned, he doesn't like too many questions. He's one scrappy little mofo!


TOYSREVIL: i'll drop him an email instead ~ *cough* ~ (altho i am curious who he faced-off to get that lefty-stump :p) - what was the genesis of Bumrush? how did his creation come about, and who created him?

DYNOMIGHT NYC: Well, last year at ComicCon NYC, myself (John Battistini) and my partner (Justin Rudy) were walking though the convention talking about all the cool vinyl that was there.

And I said, "Yo, we should make a toy."
And he was all like, "For real?"
And I was all like, "Yeah, for reals."
So he goes, "Aight!"
And here we are.

TOYSREVIL: aaahhh ... the stuff of legends ...

DYNOMIGHT NYC: Of course I am paraphrasing, but in reality it was something like that. Justin put together some character sketches and once we had something we both liked, we started looking for someone to help us, since we had never done this before.

We are both huge fans, of Erick Scarecrow's Liberty series, so I got in touch with him and now his company ESC Toys is putting together this figure for us.

Here was one of the first model sheets that we did:

We sent this over to Erick and that set everything in motion.

From there we moved onto the initial sculpt (below-left):

Then they made a steel mold of that and gave us a wax figure (above-right)

DYNOMIGHT NYC: And not too long after that we actually had an all-white vinyl in our hands. Its really been an amazing process and Erick from ESC is just incredible, we could never have even contemplated doing this without his expertise and guidance.

TOYSREVIL: a big shout-out to Erick! from the images he looks like one heck of a scrapper! how big/tall is Bumrush? and what's his current production status?

DYNOMIGHT NYC: He's about 7 inches tall. We have just finishing up the colored prototypes. We are in the process of tweaking all the finals colors and placement of the screen artwork.  The box art is done and should be printing in the next week or so.

TOYSREVIL: can't wait to see that gents! (remember im here for ya ;p) - are there any tentative drop-dates, quantities or even colorway variants you can reveal to us? (ya know i was gona bug you for this muahahahaha)

DYNOMIGHT NYC: Well I can't say anything about any exclusive colorways that might come out in the future at any events this spring, but I can tell you that this colorway is limited to 250 pieces and will retail for US$75. It should be dropping around February/March (2008). We will also have a limited run of some DIY Bumrush figures. Right now DKE Toys is our distributor for all wholesale inquiries and we will start accepting pre-orders on our web site in the next day or so.

TOYSREVIL: coolness! what's up next for Bumrush?

JOHN BATTISTINI / DYNOMIGHT NYC: The next stage of production is to finalize all the screened art and colors and to get the packaging all finished, then we make all these little monsters and drop them on the unsuspecting public.

TOYSREVIL: sounds excellent, John! am looking forward to further developments of Bumrush - cheers for your time and trouble :) - in closing, please share with us, Who is DynoMight NYC?

Dynomight NYC is John Battistini and Justin Rudy. Bumrush is our baby and we hope you all like him. We sure do!
[Bumrush was first peeped on VinylToyFreaks - the coolness new toy-forum in cybertown!]