about nvc crew's operation doomsday moneygrip custom (get a grip - jan 25)

peep NVC Crew's customed MoneyGrip for the Get A Grip custom show @
myplasticheart nyc (Jan 25 / details here) dubbed: Operation Doomsday!

as usual Dr. Bao of NVC Crew shares with us the custom's inception...

TOYSREVIL: so how did the custom come about?

DR.BAO: When I met Kano last year at NYCC for his launch of the Moneygrip, I already felt the potential of this blank platform ... so this year when Vincent from MPH and Kano himself invited us to do the show, we were very happy to put our hands on this toy! and see how we can manage a platform like this...

TOYSREVIL: which should be a snap for you guys, no doubt, Bao! LOL

DR.BAO: Well, I have to admit that it wasn't easy at all, it was a kind of challenge for us, because it's already a very recognizable shape and character, that it's quite hard to find a way to twist it into something else...

As you probably already know, our work is very inspired by a blend and mix of asian pop culture, martial arts, but also music, fashion and urban art ... and we thought about what we can do with this platform that could represent us, and at the same time can match with something related to the NYC crowd...

TOYSREVIL: so what was the MF Doom/Doomsday-connection?

DR.BAO: We always try to develop a concept or try to find a topic on each of our projects ... and for this, we thought, ok let's do something for the NYC crowd ... The show is in NYC and the platform has that NYC style flavor too, so we thought about doing something about music and urban art at the same time - It's New York man!!!! ... So I was looking for a character that can represent NY and that can be cool to do ... And I thought about MF Doom!

We had thought of doing a project featuring this character for a while but never did have the opportunity to do it. When I told Spive, he thought i was crazy! how could we do it? The figure's is too weird to twist it into a Doom! I was like - No it's 100% possible - only have to think about how to do it, and I even think that the Moneygrip is perfect for that project.... So we started by reshaping the Moneygrip platform ...

DR.BAO: Once the character was sculpted, it was time to think about adding a few props and the first thing I wanted to do was to paint his throw-up graffiti that Doom used to do on the walls in NYC, that are also seen on the cover of his album too. And the back of the hood of the Moneygrip was the perfect spot to paint it on!

Finally, what is a MF Doom custom without his mic? So we sculpted hands unto the Moneygrip and added a mic; connected to a sampler, which included a synth-stand made of wood that we cut into pieces and then glue everything together.

DR.BAO: As you can see with this custom we wanted to keep it simple - not too much stuff on it, but with just the essential elements so that people can understand clearly what we had wanted to achieve ... We wanted the final product to look like a production piece and that people still recognize what our initial platform was.

TOYSREVIL: i personally think it's rawking! LOL - and i hope it achieves the message you guys wanted to communicate across?

DR.BAO: I think this figure represents well the urban-urderground side of hip hop in NYC since Doom always stay real in what he's doing - no bling-bling stuff for Doom!!!! And that's what we are like as well ... and I think he represent well our own philosophy of how we want our art be too; to stay real in custom and do what we like to do and not selling out.

DR.BAO: Anyway, that was our project for the Moneygrip show ... As you can see, we just love to blend and fuse all the elements and culture that we like into our work and this one is no exception....If only MF Doom can see this custom....this would be the bomb man!!!!

TOYSREVIL: hey, you never know who pops by this little humble blog of mine (and im not being arrogant at all here!) - i even had the good fortune to have my 1/6th kitbashed Dapper Doom noticed a whiles back too! ... have a fab show Bao and im gonna bug you soon about your Ishikawa too! LOL


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