Anna Chambers' Burgerlog Doodie Doll Plush (Top 7 Toys of 2007)

Presenting The Doodiest Plushed-Doodie to Have Doodie-Plushed 2007!
(Doodie Doll Is Not A Toy) - but tis #7 on TOYSREVIL's Top 7 Toys of 2007!

THE STORY: "something stinky, something gross, all churned up to make something cute!"

BURGERLOG is the brainchild and creation of Anna Chambers, in which poopies of all shapes, sizes and texture (*cough*) are made adorable and huggable via handcrafted fabric and lurve. my humble thanks to Anna for her generosity and this Doodie-doll you seen here in this post :)

THE PACKAGING: "plush-poopie-in-a-baggie". im loving the simple clear-baggie-packaging with a header-card. very frills-free DIY and ultimately charming. makes the figure pop out (pun intended :p) without clamouring for attention.

the stingy-toybugger in me appreciates the self-imposed notion that this translates to not being charged too much for the cost of packaging, IMHO. and the reality is, you'd not want to keep Doodie in the package, and want to free it to let it run around free and for cuddles (if he could escape from the porcelain-throne, you'd not expect to keep him lockedup for too long) LOL


THE FIGURE: the Doodie-doll i received is Tubby (i believe) and he stands 19cm / nearly 8" tall and is thoroughly cuddly! (as gag-worthy as it may sound coming from a grownassman, it is also very true). Tubby Doodie is soft to the touch and caress, and is puffed-up just nice and tight, fit and hardy like a brand new pillow in a "healthy" shade of brown - filled with "polyester stuffing" (which Anna prefers to think are filled with love and shit instead! :p)

the fabric-tag is a very cool touch and professionally-made. in fact, for a self-made plush, this is as professionally-produced as i've seen thus far. (*note: the plush CANNOT standup by itself as shown in the pictures! i just propped him up becoz he too is a vain doodie and wanna be seen handsome and all LOL)

and tis a big doodie-too! (seen here mucking about with Crazy Label's Seamour Sheep vinyl - whom i assume is not too delighted with Doodie riding him LOL :p)

THE DESIGN: i am thoroughly charmed by it's form and shape. each Doodie doll is unique, as they are handmade by Anna herself and no two are alike. and i almost cannot resist stubby & chubby limbs LOL

the swirl on poopie-head is a hilarious-touch (i'd leave it to your imagination on it's origins LOL) amd the big beady button-eyes gives it a genuine expression i'd not thought possible with a plastic-button.

PLUS: tis the Doodiest Plushed-Doodie to Have Doodie-Plushed 2007! and he is unique :)

/// peep Burgerlog-blog to see adventures of the various Doodies in different parts of the world (where you can email your pictures of Doodie-dolls to Anna and she'll post them on the blog) and also Burgerlog2-blog (the Japanese Edition!)

MINUS: i wish i could have more of them, and be able to claim to folks i have the cutest pile of doodie evah! LOL

WRAP-UP: truly one of my fav plushies received in 2007. i'd like to comment on the price and how that it would be value for money, but the fact is seems all Doodie-dolls are SOLD OUT in the Burgerlog-gallery at this point of post! (daymn, i feel so lucky now :p) ... Anna's just let loose a wee-squeak that she WILL be making more Doodies in '08, with early February possibly seeing the first droppings! so go stakeout the Burgerlog-gallery, willya? (let her know i sent ya!) or better still, stay tuned to this blog for updates :p


meanwhile, Anna Chambers has produced a sweet selection of plush-creations with her Woodchucks and Lucy Owls (with ESC Toy) ... and will have another plush out this year! (*stay tuned*)
Disclaimer #1: the toys on Toysrevil's Top 7 Toys of 2007 are based on toys and figures that i have in my hands, thanks.
Disclaimer #2: no plushed-Doodies were harmed or gotten wet in the photoshoot for this post. the toilet floor was drip-dry. thanks :p