start your day with kozik x kidrobot's breakfast 5-pack

come Feb 28th Frank Kozik X Kidrobot will be serving up a breakfast you'd not soon forget! "The menu calls for angry smorkin' bacon, crack'd egg, stale donut and toast and bitter coffee." - overcooked and unimpressed, you'd be able to feed your vinyl-hunger-pangs with the Kozik Breakfast 5-pack for just US$15.95 ... meanwhile, the "United Poultry, Dairy and Juices Unions" (UPDJU) are still striking against preferential treatment towards food-products ... no further development since the menu-negotiations broke down yesterday during brunch ... *stay tuned!*

okay, fine... im f.o.s and time now is 6am as of this post and im gonna go
crash and hope i'd be able to at least be able to wake-up for "lunch" - *heh*
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