toy-taster: 1/6 rah racer-x from medicom toy

UPDATED 24.05.2008: Official Release Posted HERE

hawt on teh exhaust fumes of Medicom Toy's RAH SPEED figure, comes the 1/6th-scaled Real Action Hero RACER-X! currently with no bigger-image or other information except for a possible flag-off in November (would the movie-DVD be released by then? *cough*) ... stay revved-up for updates, yo!

am not too sure if the hood is removable (somehow doubt it, but can't be 100%) - altho the Matthew Fox lower-face is actually pretty distinguishable, as compared to their RAH LOST / Jack Shepard figure, yeh? IMHO anyways ... and to save myself from letting loose any further "unpleasant" remarks, let us ponder if Medicom will ever release "Taejo Togokhan" aka Korean popstar RAIN in 1/6th RAH, yeh? now, that would possibly be a bonafide-hit, especially in the Asian-region, yeh? (and the sculpt may come in handy by the time "Ninja Assassin" comes out, yeh? heh)

[sneaks courtesy of Toybeast]
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