masked karimbah sdcc exclusive toy by paul pope x kidrobot

"Taken from the pages of Paul Pope’s THB comic, Masked Karimbah is the legend’s first Kidrobot toy and an SDCC exclusive. Cast in Pope’s signature manga-meets-fine-art style, this two-figure action piece includes an original 16-page comic and a secret vinyl throw-in. Only 300 available @ US$150 a piece." [via] - scheduled for a July 26th-release - Paul Pope will also be present at SDCC for an exclusive signing 1-4pm on July 26th - pandemonium awaits.

I really, really like Paul Pope's work - manic energy manifested unto a printed-page, best administered via raw black-n-white, coz I've always felt the colors screw marrs the visual dynamics, as it did Batman 100 - IMHO, of coz ... Pope's work was/is one of the very few who'd influenced and inspired me (in recent memory) to be freer with my brush-strokes ... so it bugs me to tits to not be able to find any further information about "Masked Karimbah" after a huge chunk of a Saturday afternoon dedicated to the cyberhunt ... alas, I have failed.

UPDATED 16 June 2008: All I needed was to be patient - and now Mr. Pope has since updated his PulpHope-blog :)

above-left: Box-art for the vinyl toy set / above-right: A photo of the final prototype for Masked Karimbah vinyl figure (figure shown not holding he his fork or his dog's stirrups) The vinyl dog is the actual size of a little Boston Terrier ... CLICK THRU for more :)

above shows the turn-around model-sheets showing the cartoonish body proportions - "something like a cross between a Care Bear and a pro wrestler."

Paul mentions: "In the 1970s there were all these really odd cartoons like Hong Kong Phooey and Schlep Car, stuff that we would watch - stuff that probably be too odd to be on TV today. I think of Karimbah as if he were some weird 1970s cartoon from an alternate dimention."

Paul also mentions on PulpHope: "Toy design is a ton of work with lots of follow-through, but it is also extremely interesting. We wanted to do a line of THB toys, but decided if we do that, it'd be better to wait until the THB series launches, in order to not further confuse people. I took in a number of other ideas, from the relatively mundane to the wildly surreal (Karimbah is in the latter category), and we all preferred the Karimbah-- who is technically a THB character (he's a character on a kid's show in the THB universe). From there we did months of design work, including lots of back-and-forths with the sculptor and the factory, based on the dozens of design model sheets I drew up." - read more here


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