doc von block by scott tolleson @ san diego comic convention 2008

The first step towards World Domination, is conquering SDCC! Peeps are to watch out for the debut of the dastardly DOC VON BLOCK - as well as his sidekick beaker IVAN - lurking in the San Diego Comic Convention-aisles, planning his, well, world domination! (pssst! - best bet is to check out his "secret lab" at Booth#1035/1037)

Designed by Scott Tolleson (creator of Tricycle Terror) and made out of solid resin (it looks like wood, but it ain't!) by JulieB of Pretty in Plastic - Doc Von Block stands 6-inchers tall and comes at a very limited quantity of only 25-pcs @ US$150-per.

Scott also mentions: "Due to the process of making these, each piece will have a unique quality.  No two toys will look alike ... BIG props to JulieB and the Pretty in Plastic Team who put this together! I can't emphasize enough how talented she and the P&P crew are." - ain't gonna be disagreeing with ya here any time soon, Scott! :)

And if any Doc Von Blocks manages to "escape" SDCC, they will be made available at a future show at Red Hot Robot in Phoenix, AZ in August.


  1. If you get a chance to see these in person you have to! They are amazing and big! You can't tell by the pics, but they are huge! and heavy!


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