toy review: ras by dust (reviewed by sjors trimbach)

TRE-Guest Toy Reviewer Sjors Trimbach (aka Brickboy) bought a RAS and is very happy with the delivered goods. Sjors shares with us his thoughts and impressions of the Dust-designed and handmade figure :)

INTRO: The German graffitti artist DUST [www / flickr) has been making his own toys for a while. The RAS (which stands for "Radical Action Suite") is one of the coolest IMO. There are a couple variations and they come in small editions since they're hand cast and painted. They're made of polyurethane, like the stuff they use for skateboard wheels. /// CLICK THRU FOR MORE

THE TOY: The RAS comes in a nice little box with a simple black and white print. The figure is about 7 cm (or 2 3/4”) high and looks great. No bubbles, dents or ugly mold-seams.

Nicely painted green/brownish color with subtle black spray on the right arm. The arms can move, which makes it a real toy for me and not a statue. The small spraycan (which does not fit his hand) is the finishing touch.

WHY IT ROCKS: For just about 30 euro you get a small toy worth the name of Designer or Art toy. Made by the designer himself and with a quality you don't see a lot with today's vinyl.

VERDICT: 5 out of 5 Stars because it's pure quality!

WHAT'S NEXT: By the end of this year a new figure, the AlterEGO (shown above-left) should come out and he is also working on another toy called "Rabbit Eye Movement" (above-right).

[Review pics via] *Thanks for sharing, Sjors! You rawketh!*


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