midnight snack black muraida by eric scarecrow x esc-toy for black friday

ESC-TOY says: "This November we celebrate the 3rd year of Esc-Toy's birth. Esc is a label that was founded by creator/designer Erick Scarecrow when he had lost his day job back in 2005. Since then it has not only helped produce collectibles for Erick's work but for other artists and companies. It has been a lot of hard work but we do not mind doing it because we believe in what we do and have fun with it.
We want to thank you for all your support. Our growth will continue into 2009 and beyond and we wouldn't be able to do this without you. Thank you and now we'll offer something very special..."


The Black Friday-surprise from ESC Toy is finally revealed to be MURAIDA [tagged]! New from Erick Scarecrow's OSK series - this ravaging muck of vinyl comes in at 10 inches tall with 6 points of articulation, and talons that'll give Dizign a right-decent fight, IMHO! This "Midnight Snack"-BLACK colorway is limited to 200-pcs @ US$49.99 per.

The figure is packed in a window box and will be available *signed* by Erick Scarecrow at the Esc-Toy Ebay Shop on Black Friday November 28th starting 12 am EST. (This is a limited stock offer and will be sold on a first come and first serve basis. Worldwide shipping is available.)