1/6 cobra trooper on pre-order @ sideshow collectibles

The thing about nameless-henchmen are; you need a whole buncha them to be "effective", innit? Otherwise they're just - ya know - be an illegal gathering of (normally) well-armed thugs with torrid-aim, innit? So you'd need at the very least 2x Cobra Troopers, to at least guard and flank COBRA COMMANDER, innit? heh. (And if they're wearing Darth Vader-isque helmets, all the better :p)

The earlier-teased 12-inch COBRA TROOPER from Sideshow Collectibles is now listed for pre-order HERE @ US$99.99 for an estimated 2nd quarter 2009-drop. And like all henchmen, they don utilitarian overalls and wield generic weapons, ready to fall at any given stray bullet/s - I wonder if henchmen ever get sent to shooting school? Becoz they never seem to be able to shoot and hit their targets for nuts, innit? (heh). Well, the intense glare from the eyes in the headsculpt may perhaps be a formidable weapon ... somehow ... CLICK THRU for product feature load-out and a wee story of Cobra Troopers (courtesy of Sideshow) - putting a story (if not a name) to these nameless-henchmen ...

The Cobra Trooper 12 inch Figure features:

* Fully articulated Prometheus male body with 30+ points of articulation
* Cobra Trooper portrait with facemask
* Helmet
* Shirt with COBRA insignias
* Pants
* Boots
* Detailed belt
* Smersh rig with buttpack
* AK 74 with folding stock
* AK 74 magazine
* AK 74 bayonet with sheath
* Gun sight
* Grenade launcher with round
* Kneepads
* Handgun with magazine and leg holster
* Canteen with fabric cover
* 3 sets of interchangeable gloved hands
* 12-inch display base with G.I. Joe logo

"There are many scales on the belly of the COBRA organization. Outcasts, deserters, and those who are disillusioned are the typical candidates that COBRA targets to join their forces.

These anonymous individuals that swell the COBRA infantry begin their careers as COBRA Troopers. They are usually the first COBRA forces encountered in combat by the G.I. Joe team on their missions. These troops, or "blueshirts" as the Joe team refers to them, are forces to be reckoned with. Each trooper is trained in many different forms of hand-to-hand combat, extensive weapons and demolitions handling, as well as disguise and stealth.

This physical and psychological training molds these individuals into sadistic and hardened troopers. With COBRA cells spread across the globe, troopers may be dispatched anywhere in order to carry out their missions. COBRA demands complete and unwavering loyalty to their high command but more importantly to their objective of world domination.

Only those most merciless on the battlefield, ruthless in their ambition and lustful for power can climb the ranks in COBRA. The same maniacal traits which fuel COBRA Commander slither in the veins of each COBRA Trooper........COBRA!"