i'm a dog chasing cars. i'm an agent of chaos.

And while I have seen numerous 1/6 kitbashes and customs pertaining to this particular poignant character from The Dark Knight movie (and the probable cause of the unresolved cyber-malady I've experienced :p) but none have attempted this level of "salesmanship presentation", IMHO. Kudos are in order and warmly given to whomever has created this DARK KNIGHT JOKER NURSE Costume Set - but alas, I have naught the direct URL-link to the (obvious) ebay-auction (The "Hunt" ~ some say ~ is half the fun, innit? :p).

[CLICK THRU for more pics, product-stats and SPOILER-video]

PRICE: US$36.99 (Includes 17 piece accessory)
01. Dress
02 .Detonator
03. Gun with silencer
04. Mask
05. Right Hand for Gun
06. Left Hand for File
07. Right Hand for Detonator
08. Left Hand
09. DENT Sticker
10-11. White Shoes
14. Pen
15. Pocket Watch
16. File
17. Belt

- Fit on Hot Toys 12" Figures / The Head and Body not included.
- Special Joker Card.



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