What's Inside Neil Gaiman's & ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive's Coraline Boxes

So okay, I've yet to completely reveal the contents of my own Coraline Box [WHAT] which WILL happen before 2008-ends! (shakes clenched-fist-at-self). Meanwhile I'd thought of compiling a post with all the other 49-Coraline Boxes (Fifty were ever made) - but ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive has already done a bang-up job of it HERE - so I see no logical sense in mirroring it (altho one fine day I might still do becoz I is an incurable hoarder .... and my info is wrong too! LOL). They even have a "reveal-video" HERE ... Altho the striped-box in AHAA's box looks like Laughing Squid's Button Box, innit? hhhmmm

This particular blog-post is also about Coraline-writer Neil Gaiman's Box (shown above) - which was not a part of the 50, but a OOAK "one-off box-for-an-author" ~ and within it? A Coraline model figure! (shown below) Both Coraline and the cat-in-the-satchel are fully articulated, with the lines across her face being where her eyes and mouths can be replaced. *Coolio*

Check out Mr.Gaiman's journal-entry for more pics.
CORALINE premieres February 6th, 2009.
[CLICK for Coraline on TRE]

AHAA's Box #37/50: