Buck Rogers Short Film by Patrick De Leon

[Higher-res version on Vimeo]

Peep this fan-made BUCK ROGERS In The 25th Century (5 minutes) short-film by Patrick De Leon - which was completed for Patrick's Intermediate Editing class at the Art Institute of Colorado where he is majoring in Visual Effects = rawking an absolutely classic-Metropolis-retro vibe (I likie loads). CLICK THRU for a little bit more about the making of the short, films stills and rayguns :)

Patrick mentions: "This film took a total of four weeks to complete from start to finish. Everything was filmed in front of a green sheet thumbtacked to my living room wall, and the models/animation was done in the 3d studio max. Compositing was done in Adobe After effects."

About that Buck Roger's costume: "The Buck costume was based on the soon to be released Buck Rogers 1/6 figure by Gohero.com's Steve Forde. Major kudos to Steve for reviving Buck as he first appeared back in the 20's/30s."

And showcased here was Patrick's submission to the recently completed Go Hero x Toysrevil Home-Made Raygun Contest [WHAT] - which unfortunately reached us under the wire - but nevertheless deserves a look here, IMO! Peep the X-66 Exploration Pistol that supplements the X-66 Exploration Helmet. Check out more of Patrick's work @ atomicrayguns.blogspot.com