UNI-FORMZ Superman by DC Direct

UPDATED: The body is sculpted by Monster5, while the headsculpt was done by Bigshot Toyworks (by Scott Wetterschneider) based on the flat art in the background. Time for multiple-angled headshots of Superman, methinks! (Only when tis cool, K-man!)

The next DC Comics Superhero to receive the "stylized vinyl" treatment (ala UNI-FORMZ-Batman) is UNI-FORMZ SUPERMAN - following the blocky-body superdeformed-style by Monster5 - which looks more "anime" than "designer toy", IMHO. Personally, the illustration in the background looks good but perhaps the 3D-translation looses the sense of design ... but that's just me looking at 2D-images online :p

Featuring 3 versions [L-R]: CYBROG-Superman based on “The Death and Return of Superman" / I thought was Hank Henshaw? :p) / CLASSIC Superman (Red & Blue suit) and a KRYPTONIAN "Life-Suit" variant (which looks strangely like a photoshopped-image)

Superhero Times report that these figures are set for a September 2009-release. No further details nor prices available at this time. CLICK THRU for a closer look at the trio.

UPDATED 22.01.09: Product Description via DC Direct

"Superman is the second character to join the new line of stylized vinyl UNI-FORMZ™, inspired by the red-hot designer toy phenomenon! This exciting new version of the Man of Steel is a must-have for collectors of contemporary toy design, as well as fans of Superman.

Three unique versions of Superman are available – the classic version in his traditional blue and red outfit and, based on the popular event "The Death and Return of Superman," the Cyborg variant and the Kryptonian Life-Suit variant!

Don't miss out! These toys are extremely limited and once they are sold out, DC Direct will not produce these styles again!In keeping with the tradition of designer toys, rarity of certain incarnations are the norm. The Superman variants (Cyborg and Kryptonian Life-Suit) will be produced in far lower quantities.

These limited-edition vinyl UNI-FORMZ™ Superman figures each feature 12 points of articulation, stand approximately 8" tall and are packaged in a deluxe 4-color window box.

On Sale September 9, 2009 "
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