Dear Blog,

Happy Birthday, Blog! Today you are officially 4 years old!

Still a young'un in the world-wide-wilderness, for shure ... although not as fresh and carefree as when you were first e-birthed on February 19th, 2005 (records show the first ever post published was @ 5:36:00AM Singapore time / +8 GMT). It was a spirited birth, to say the least, brimming with the hopes and promises of a brand new shiny tail-wagging cyborg puppy, and the eager-enthusiasm of a fledgling blogger-wannabe.

With nary a direction and purposeful plan (beyond emo-vomit) - both of us cruised the cyber-highways and tripped the fiber-optic-fantastique. We stole into many a folks' home monitors and shared our lives and likes with wonton abandon! Ah yes, those were the daze!


You have been decent to me, Blog, and I thank you. I have tried my very best to provide for you too, haven't I? To feed you. Cloth you. Share with you stories of my life and of others. But alas, how disappointed you must feel now, four years on - for I may not have sheltered nor fed you well enough...

I wish I could provide you more. I wish I could give you a new bright shiny set of skin and a third-column that you deserve, so that you can be presentable to others, and stand proud and tall, whatever the circumstance ... I wish I could treat you daily with endless tasty scoops and delectable, fulfilling gigabyte-sized meals. "A blog well fed, is a happy blog," so I am led to believe ... And I am sorry to have lost my groove as of late ... you must feel starved, don't you? Let us both share our bread, you and I ... you are not alone, Blog.

When did we loose our sense of adventure? The folly of "play"? Of being able to slip on a banana-split and laugh out loud at ourselves? Why have we become so serious? Maybe you deserve a new partner? Or maybe you just deserve a break from me?

But I can't just walk away from you, I can't and I refuse to, not now, not like this ... we be partners, bro - you and I! We is connected - beyond a click of the mouse, beyond the restart-button! Aren't we?

Heck, four years on, it has been quite a ride, hasn't it? Who would've thought we could survive four years in the wilderness? What sorrowful-lows and blissful-highs you and I have been thru! From being ignored and abandoned to the void, to the many friends and cyber-folk we have been honored to find from all corners of the globe! The gifts and well-wishes have been plentiful indeed! ... And perhaps in time, it will be enough to bury the past, to dull the injustice and personal e-traumas ...

You have been shouted at, stolen from and been lied to. You have been insulted and spat at from passerbys both known and anonymous, and betrayed by who you thought were allies. What drama-fueled soap-opera-worthy and tragi-comedy days have been witnessed in four short years! Never have we thought a simple thing like online weblogging would ever entail such a kaleidoscope of eXpreriences, innit? And I wouldn't change it for the world! Laugh. Out. Loud.

But I cannot promise you that they will not happen again. For both you and I have to be stronger, against those who wrought to see us fail. We must persevere! We must have fun, again. We must! And we will!

It's gonna be all right, Blog.

I wish I could give you a proper cake, Blog. I wish I could give you proper presents. But wishing doesn't amount for much these days ... all we can do is "hope" for the best, and work our asses off towards it, a spell-checked sentence at a time, a gif here, and a jpeg there ... And who knows what the morrow may bring? Perhaps surprises await around the corner just? And yes, we will have fun, Blog! Are you with me, Blog? Are You?

Happy Birthday, Blog :)



demort said…
Happy Birthday Blog!
and congratulations Andy, on four years of growth (and hard work!)

krakit said…
Congratulations! on 4 years
of pumpin' out the toy juice
everywhere a computer is
tapped into the web.

Go Andy! Go!
Porlzilla said…
Happy birthday!!
BigHatDino said…
Happy birthday TRE!
El Dave said…
Happy Birthday TRE Blog!
ITEM said…
Congrats Andy!
SpankyStokes said…
Awesome Andy...this is the best toy blog out there for sure! Thank you for all you help early rock man!
Anonymous said…
Congrats! Big ups from the Lightsleepers and Pocket Full Of Monsters crew!