PHU!'s P-77 v2.0 RED Prototype in Singapore (A TRE-Exclusive First Look)

Last night TOYSREVIL got to have an exclusive first look at (and fondle of) the 8 inch prototype resin RED colorway of P-77 v2.0- as designed by PHU! and engineered by MyTummyToys. Apologies for the low-res video above tho (still yet to sort out the better quality capture which still eludes me).
/// CLICK THRU for more still pics, as well as my humble first impressions :)

[FYI: The P-77 v2.0 shown above is actually Red in color - but darned
if a Metallic Midnight Blue variant would mecha-rawk, IMHO!]


P77: The cockpit hatch does open and close, with a built-in groove up top of dome (greased for smoother release). The banner-flag out back is removable, with images as yet applied unto the fabric / cloth surface (ain't gonna show everything yet, yeh? ;p). The P-77 prototype here had a pretty hefty weight to it, which made it (at least for me) feel more than "just" a plastic toy (generically referenced, of coz), and something weighted that would stand imposingly on any display shelves, IMHO.

COLORWAYS / STATUS: There are currently 2 colorways planned for the immediate future: RED and BLACK [tagged]. Tentative numbers put it at 20 pcs each colorway, so interested folks better tune-up your toy-radar and stay sharpish, yeh? And more likely there may be some hand-paints (TBC). As for other colorways and exclusives? Well, stay tuned is all I can say! (heh). Tentative release date is targeted for an April launch. Full details to follow in time.

TRE-IMPRESSIONS: For a resin toy, this prototype had sweet crisp edges and grooves, as well as a seamless smooth surface finish. The paint application was alarmingly even on the surfaces, IMHO. Frankly, if not for the unfinished (concealed limb) joints, I would have doubted that this was painted at all! If eventual production pieces match the quality of this prototype I had the opportunity to have held gingerly in thy hands last night, then no doubt in my mind, this would be one of the more (if not "most") exceptional releases in 2009.

COMPLAINTS: If the P-77 is fully-articulated (ie: mecha-limbs) - but of coz I'm just toy-greedy, and know that the production of this resin figure does not allow such a luxury. heh.

IMHO: Designed by local customizer and toy-designer, PHU! - we should be proud (as Singaporeans) to have the P77 produced, and hopefully be introduced to the local toy and pop culture, IMHO. And major kudos to Marine @ MyTummyToys (from Indonesia) for the work produced thus far shown - Keep it up, bro!


FYI: PHU!'s P77 v1.0 was first released in 2007 as a series of hand-painted 6-inchers - including a 2-incher REBEL PILOT - also limited to 20-pcs produced [tagged] signed, numbered and bagged with header. The 8 incher would come boxed. As for who is going to be piloting the 8 incher tall P77 this time around? Stay tuned for details :)


[Additional images via iPHU]


bighatdino said…
Shame the colourways are so limited, I'd love to grab one and customise it.
This is awesome Andy, thanks for sharing!