Win A Sugar Skull Plush Contest (by Jared Deal x TOYSREVIL)

UPDATED 18.03.09: Contest Submissions are now Closed. Thanks for taking part and good luck, y'all! :)

Fancy a skull-faced plush sitting on your pillow? Or hanging above your bed? Or even whispering sweet sugary nothings inside your ear? ~ Well, maybe not the last bit - but as part of the TRE Blog-Birthday celebrations, Jared Deal has generously sponsored a SUGAR SKULL plush for a TRE-contest!

The plush originated from DIA DE LOS PLUSH (a Day Of The Dead plush show for Red Hot Robot) in 2008 [WHAT] where the first incarnation saw the Six Point Sugar Skull receiving antlers.

Jared mentions: "I got a good response from the character & decided to do more w/ him. So I started to make more plushes & paintings using this Sugar Skull character as the main focus. He shows up in a lot of my recent work. The yellow one you have appeared in the annual "Too Art For TV" gallery show for the animation industry." ~ Do check out Jared's Etsy-shop to see if Sugar Skull will appear :p

WHAT-IS: In keeping with the number "4" (TRE-Blog turned four years old, innit? ;p), participants would have to answer 4 (Four) QUESTIONS, with the need to do a bit of web-surfing to gather the info (but no worries, URL-hints are provided - the rest is up to you!). And the questions are:

QUESTION#1: What was Jared Deal's Booth-number @ New York Comic Con 2009?

QUESTION#2: How many color variants of Carnival Cartoon's PIERCE The Human Cushion and NATHAN The Dogboy vinyl figures exist?

QUESTION#3: How many eyes does Jared's upcoming KANJI resin figure (with Argonaut Resins) possess?

QUESTION#4: When did Jared Deal and Garnet Syberg-Olsen of Carnival Cartoons "first met up and forged a strong friendship and creative partnership?"
URL-HINT: Carnival Cartoons

SUBMISSION: List down your final answers (**there should be 4 separate sets of numbers**) in order and email them to toysrevil [at] with the subject / title-heading: "JDXTRE SUGAR SKULL CONTEST". One submission per email / per person please. Multiple submissions will be disqualified, yeh? Thanks!

DATELINE: Contest begins NOW and ends before the stroke of midnight a week from now, Tuesday March 17th 2009 (emails in by 11:59hrs +8 GMT Singapore-time / refer to my blog-clock menu-right top and you won't go wrong). Entries received after the stipulated time will not qualify, thanks!

WINNING-SUBMISSION: A Single prize of a Yellow-colored Sugar Skull Plush (shown in pictures) will go to a single winner with the correct set of answers! In the event of multiple accurate submissions (or closest answers) - shortlisted participants will go into a lucky draw to determine the single final winner!
01. One Entry Per Email / Per Person. Multiple entries will be disqualified.
02. There is no age limit to this contest, but if you're 15 years old and below, you have to get the consent of your parents to participate. Once you enter, it will be taken such that you have abide by the terms of this contest.
03. Contest Prize is generously sponsored by Jared Deal. Do note that the prize will be mailed out from Singapore. Yes, I'll try not to squeeze it too hard too often, yeh? Heh. J/K!
04. Terms and Conditions of this contest is subject to change at any time without any given reason nor explanation.
05. Contest Organizer's decision is final.