And The Winners For The MIND YOUR MECHTORIANS Toy Custom Contest Are


And the final results are IN for the winners of the MIND YOUR MECHTORIANS custom toy contest - held by TRE & MINDstyle! Congratulations to Teimaru for being the First Prize Winner for his Romuald LePodd custom! Teimaru walks away with a 1-of-1 edition Doktor A hand-painted 8 inch Stephen Lepodd!

The Top 3 Runner-Ups are (in no order of preference): Naël's Mr Herbert Chiropt, Todd Robertson and Yume's Archimecht! Each winner will receive a limited edition NFS (not for sale) Verdigris Edition Stephan LePodd 8 inch art toy! (All Prizes courtesy of MINDstyle and will be mailed via) ~ CLICK THRU to peep the winning customs, as well as words from the winning participants!


My thanks to every who had taken the time, trouble and effort to participate! And although the contest has officially ended, do feel free to share your (current and future) Mechtorians-customs by joining and uploading your images via the Mind Your Mechtorians Flickr-group I have set up (any and all sizes!). *Happy Customizing, Folks!*


Fred Multedo aka Teimaru says: "I want to thank Doktor A , MINDstyle and you of course, to have created such a nice contest, which allows customisers all over the world to show and share their art, and try to win such an awesome price !!!

I can't believe i'll have a hand painted stephan lepodd in my house ! Doktor A is one of my favourite artist, i love his stuff and the world he created. The way he sculp and paint the toys which fall in his hand is awesome , turning the toy in something higher, and a bit magic too ... His stuff always made me sick since i knew of it, and such a pretty f**kin' cool work always is an inspiration for other artists...
So i am very very very glad to win this contest, where i saw a lot of nice stuff, AND OWN A ONE OF A KIND HAND PAINTED TOY BY THE GOOD DOKTOR A !!!!

I can't express how much i am happy ! This lepodd i just won is so bad ! the nicest i've seen yet, just crazy ! It will be one of the central piece of my collection!

Check out Teimaru's custom-submission HERE ~ as well as some brand new shots of Romuald LePodd taking in the sights :)



Nathanaël Brun aka Naël-says: "I'm sure M. Herbert CHIROPT will be pleased on this result, He always knew he was one of the graetest person of Retrocity.

More seriously, I didn't expect to win a price on that contest, regarding all the great customs in line. I must say it was a real pleasure to work on the Stephen LePodd figure. It was like he was designed to be disassembled and reassembled on an other shape. Thank you for this prize.

Check out Naël's custom-submission HERE!


Todd Robertson-says: "Thank you so much for putting this contest together and keeping toysrevil on the cutting edge of the toy world. Was really pumped to wake up and find out that I had been choosen for one of the top three runner-ups. Cant wait to hold that Dok A piece when it arrives. Again thank you for all your time and dedication to toys."

Check out Todd's custom-submission HERE!


Svetlana Di Carlo aka Yume-says: "I wanna thank you and MINDstyle for organizing the contest. I really enjoyed making this custom and I'll certainly do more in the future ... Congratulations to all other participants too for their great creations. I still can't believe I won such a beautiful prize ... The Verdigris edition Stephen LePodd will be the pride of my collection! ... thanks!!!"

Check out Yume's custom-submission HERE, as well as a splendid step-by-step making-off ARCHIMECHT on!

Credit: MECHTORIANS are created by Doktor A and are produced by MINDstyle []


  1. great great custom !!!! congratulation for the winner... EYN


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