Toy-Review: Jibibuts 100% Wood Toys by Noferin

Above is a li'l video I made of the JIBIBUTS wood toys by Noferin [tagged], which has just released to the general public! Made from sustainably harvested rubber wood, Jibibuts are the second series of wood production toys released by Noferin, after their Pecan Pals. With a SRP of US$9 per box, do check with your fav retailers for availability. Jibibuts is currently distributed by DKE Toys.

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PACKAGING-BOX: A Jibibuts display case contains 12 x utilitarian printed-cardboard "blind boxes" ~ which guarantees an entire set of 12 basic characters (sans chase figures, which might still lurk within those boxes!). Each individual box has the top-flap secured by a small round-transparent printed sticker (so you'll know if it's been opened or not). Within the boxes are the different sized and shaped wooden-Jibibuts, gently wrapped in soft paper (nice little touch, this, IMHO).

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JIBIBUTS-WOOD-TOYS: The entire group consists of 12 basic characters (as mentioned) And are bigger than they seem while viewed online. A decent fit on the palm (at least via this average-built Asian Chinese man who's writing this review-post ;p) and the weight of the wood lends a certain tactile-feel to the pieces, IMHO. Sizes range between 2.5 to 3.5 inches tall.

An initial notion would be that these may seem to be stackable "children's toys", which frankly is understandable, but for the marked influence of art toy culture, and of character-design, deceptively simplistic, but maintains the verve of designed-toys culture, and a welcomed inclusion and diversification into the hobby predominately ruled by vinyl.

PRODUCT-STATS: Jibibuts are non-toxic, ASTM and CE certified for 18 months+ (Ages 4+ on box)

CHASE: Be on the look-out for 2 super special rare gold or silver versions packed randomly within (which might mean if you do get them, you can't complete your set haha :p)

[Stackable Configuration]

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QUALITY/TREATMENT: Swell treatment featuring a smooth sheen of varnish (unsubstantiated statement on my part) on the figure surface, while retaining the textural-aesthetics of the wood grain. In line with their previously released Natural Wood Pecan Pals [reviewed on TRE], makes for quite a family of figures, IMHO. Shown below are images of text gently engraved into the wood-surface, which is a nice touch (instead of straight out printing on them).

ARTICULATION: Is non-existent for nearly all the figures, except for "MOLI" (demonstrated in video on top-of-post", which does not deter the playability of the stackable figures anyways.

IDENTIFICATION-TEXT: "Like every creature, the Jibibuts are looking for love. The Jibibuts come in couples, and like many creatures in the wild, it is the male Jibibut that is the most flamboyant. He needs to attract the attention of a female suiter, you see, so must dress to impress!"

The coloured Jibibuts are the males.
The brown tone Jibibuts are the females.

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JIBIBUTS-TEXT: Jibibuts sp., are long-lived forest dwellers native to the west coast of Carrara Island. Found mostly in moist temperate climates, they scurry about the forest floor consuming all manner of fallen leaf litter. Jibibuts sp., are important biological indicators of forest health.

Specimens discovered by the
Biological Institute of Carrara.

["Angular Friends" along with ThreeA Toys' WWR SQUARE]

Thanks for the awesomeness, Nick and Candy! Keep up with the good work!


Mycle said…
These are awesome. Will have to pick up a case for the wife. She only said no more Vinyl.