Zombie Toast Figure by Sleepy Robot 13 (Dec 4-drop)

"You put him away in the cabinet to mold, now he is back to seek his revenge on you and your kitchen!"

ZOMBIE TOAST is the newest figure from SleepyRobot13.com (brainchild of Cleveland-based artist Lisa Pinkerton) and will be ready to serve aka go on sale this Friday December 4th via their online Etsy-shop @ 11am.

PRESS: Each 2" body is hand sculpted from vinyl clay and hand painted. The faces are printed on plastic to ensure the continuity of each figure and placed in a handmade, signed box. The first run of 15 will be available for US$13 each. After the 1st batch are gone, Sleepy Robot 13 will begin to take pre-orders for the 2nd batch. The release date for batch 2 has not yet been determined. The sales of these figures will be put toward getting a small run of vinyl figures made.

Zombie Toast stands at just about 2": "Holding a handful of jelly brains...let's just say theres a jar of Smuckers out there that is not too happy right now." ~ CLICK THRU for more!

Sleepy Robot 13's goal is to spread the idea that clay figures can be just as detailed and collectible as vinyl and resin toys. Clay figures are sculpted, painted and glazed by hand and are often one of a king making them the ultimate collectors item. Many sites now have sections for resin and even paper toys, why not clay? = Couldn't agree more, Lisa! :)

Zombie Toast-WIPs:

[All WIP-images via Lisa's Twitter]