CLEA IP Design Battle & CE Design Contest 2010

The Character Licensing Expo Asia 2010 (CLEA2010) is holding a competition for Thai and international designers, under the auspices of the IP & Creative Thailand Policy. The title of the competition is "CLEA IP Design Battle & CE Custom Toy Design Contest 2010", and it has the official support of the Thailand Department of Intellectual Property, the Ministry of Commerce and 14 major private associations connected with the IP & Creative Thailand Policy.

The aim of the contest is to encourage cooperation between Thai and international designers in the creation and development of their designs for lifestyle products, and the challenge for the contestants is to paint the 10” CE figurine designed by Studio Aiko that will be the mascot for the CLEA2010 show.

CLICK on above jpeg-template to download and use for the contest (CLICK HERE to download ai.file / apologies for the pop-up ads tho), and CLICK THRU to find out further details of the contest, exclusively on TOYSREVIL! Note that International winners will be provided with a travel package to go to CLEA2010! In addition, the final-prototype of CE is revealed within too! Best of luck for the contest!

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CLEA CE Custom Toy Design Contest
Entries are invited for the first CE contest in which 100 designers, 50 Thai and 50 international, will have the opportunity to bring the 10” CE figurine to life with their creative graphic designs. Entries will later be exhibited in the World Art Toy Pavilion at CLEA2010.

The judges will select 10 finalists, five Thai and five international, from the initial 100 entries and invite them to form five teams with two members, one Thai and one international. These five teams will join the CLEA IP Design Battle, a live competition to paint the CLEA2010 mascot on show day.

The teams will also draw one of five lifestyle products and enhance their value by adding their own design. The packaging will contain the chosen product and the CE figurine and will be presented as a Special Edition complete set.


UPDATED 9.1.10: Contest Submission
On the question of multiple design entries per single designer ~ "One designer can design more than one design but they have to send in only one mail with both ai and jpg to cleaasia [at]"

CLEA IP Design Battle & CE Custom Toy Design Contest Schedule:

1) Grand Opening of CLEA2010 and start the CE Custom Toy Design Contest on 7th January 2010
2) Last day for entries to be submitted by 8th February 2010
3) Judges select 100 designs for the real paint CE exhibition on 15th February 2010
4) Judges announce the 10 finalists on 15th February 2010
5) Grand Opening the IP Design Battle Project on 26th February 2010
6) IP Design Battle begins on 6th May 2010
7) Announcement of Grand Prize Winning Team on 9th May 2010


CE Custom Toy Contest Awards:

The 100 Finalists will presented with a Limited Edition 3” CE figurine and a DIY CE (two figurines) with four entry tickets to CLEA2010.

CLEA IP Design Awards:

The Awards and Grand Prize for the CLEA IP Design Battle are:
For the 10 Finalists:
- Thai designers will receive a cash prize of 10,000 Baht with a CLEA Certificate.
- International designers will receive travel packages include hotel accommodation and round trip air ticket from their countries to Thailand around the CLEA2010 show day for the Final IP Battle
- The Grand Prize for the winners of the CLEA IP Design Battle is a CLEA Trophy with a cash value of 100,000 baht.


CLEA IP Design Additional Awards for Designers:

Participating designers will attract further awards from supporting organizations, eg:
The CLEA IP Design Battle winning team will use their CE designs to create their own MID short film on MTV Thailand to be broadcast in Thailand for a one-month period. After the project year, the MID will be part of an exchange deal with MTVs from other countries and be shown overseas.
The five finalist teams will be able to present their product designs to five supporting brands for consideration.


CLEA IP Design Battle & CE Custom Toy Design Contest Judges:

One judge will be drawn from each of the following organizations or groups:
- Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce;
- Supporting creative associations;
- Supporting industry associations;
- Media partners;
- Additional supporting organization

Contest-Disclaimer: Do note that indicated details here are subject to change. Do keep a lookout for updates!
[CE Final Prototype-images can be found on the CLEA2010-Facebok]


Jon-Paul said…
Ace! Is it just one entry per person?
SC1 said…
um, where is the AI. file to download? thanks so much, great job on the prototype!
Jon-Paul: Still awaiting a reply for your question :p

SC1: Oops! ai-file link sorted out! Click on above link or directly here:
Igor said…
does the helmet come off? I ask because the template shows a view of the head without the helmet...
toysrevil said…
Igor: am sure it does! have fun!
Chipmunky said…
Ho ! I've just come across this contest :o)

I'm noticing that the design template says '5 pantone colours' - does this mean only 5 colours are allowed?