Custom Art Toys for "My Secret Garden" by Recycle Experience


With their first solo show "My Secret Garden" launched over the weekend just, Evan Driyananda (one half) of Recycle Experience shares with us some words and studio-images of their work. CLICK THRU for peeps, and drop by Lou Belle Shop in Bandung, Indonesia before the exhibition ends on March 7th, 2010.

[Interactivity and Robot Plushies]

TOYSREVIL: What do you think of your "My Secret Garden" showing? How does it feel to have your first solo show?

EVAN: I think very happy because, this is 1st solo exhibition for my art project RECYCLE EXPERIENCE, me Evan Driyananda and my friend Attina Nuraini make use of non-organic trash material to create many “character robotic imagination“ and for very first time, this will introduce their robotic character and collaborative custom platform figure to public.

[Recycle Experience Keychains available at the show]

TOYSREVIL: What was the most well received creation at your show? And why?

EVAN: Maybe (the) four big robotic (creations), like the cactus robot (we usually called it “Fraggy“), lady and Manwhelzz robot, also the puppyelectric robot ... with big size, complex detail and the use of organic waste as a primary medium, they were able to attract the attention of visitor. [Previously featured here]

TOYSREVIL: What can we look forward to Recycle Experience after the show?

EVAN: Now, we are not just creating a figure from recycle material, but we can also introduce that (to everyone else), and also show that "recycle artist" can also be involved in urban vinyl / art-toy scene, as "customizers" ... after exhibited some platform figure from Munny (Kid Robot), Trexi (Play Imaginative), Soopa (ESC Toys), Ugly dolls (created by Sun Min-Kim & David Horvath ) and Olee (My Tummytoys).

[7 x images of SOOPA-custom in slideshow above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

[7 x images of UGLYDOLL-custom in slideshow above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

WHO-ARE: RECYCLE EXPERIENCE is an art project established by Evan Driyananda and Attina Nuraini who already have a same interest in pop culture and toys art movement. Started in circa 2006, they now have been making and reconstructing many kinds of materials, which existences are unexpected and even forgotten by most of the people in their daily lives, into some new forms which are expected to be the medias of expressing the creators’ explorative skills. These kinds of exploration are conveyed by utilizing Found Object medias, many kinds of non-organic waste which now happen to be available among people’s lives, into many kinds of “Character Robotic Imagination”.

[11 x images of MUNNY-custom in slideshow above / CLICK for full-screen viewing /
1st seen @ Custom Munny Show]

[6 x images of OLEE-custom in slideshow above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

FYI: Folks interested to purchase any items on show are to email marin [at] for enquiries.