Event-Coverage: Fshizz Strikes Back @ 66 Gallery, Czech Republic


Alexander Gürlich aka Fshizz launched his first solo show FSHIZZ STRIKES BACK @ 66 Gallery in the Czech Republic, on March 10 (exhibits thru April 10th / blogged), and we have some snaps of the event and customs to share, along with some words from Alex (shown above is Alex's own creation; "Fshizzy"). CLICK THRU to view & read, and/or check out these other avenues to enjoy the show online:

- via TOYSREVIL slideshow [full-screen viewing]
- via Alex's Facebook-album


TOYSREVIL: First off, congrats on the show-launch, Alex! How was the show? What were your impressions of your own show?

ALEX THE FSHIZZ: The show opening was a hit :D It started about 19:00 o'clock and at half past I had a little speech about what vinyl toys are and a little bit of history starting with Michael Lau's (and) Transformers...

Many people came and I actually saw old-school friends again :D as well some Art school professors (who) came. And the next day I had an Interview for a radio (station) and two more for some magazines will follow... and you know what, people start asking about toys here! Hooray I hope soon I will have serious rivals here :)))

[Alex's own creation: Fshizzy taking center-custom-stage]

TOYSREVIL: Haha spreading the culture and "addiction" of art toys in Prague, eh, Alex? What's up next for you?

ALEX THE FSHIZZ: I will soon be planning with a few friends (for) another show, where I would like to have about 10 people to exhibit... hopefully I will get (that) many :D But I got the offer from a Gallery so I at least have that solved...


TOYSREVIL: That's cool! Congrats in advance, Alex. Are any of the customs on display still available? And where can they find them online?

ALEX THE FSHIZZ: Sorry but a few of these are sold and some I will sell later ... maybe :D ... I like too much till now... I have 2 still hanging here . Its the Thor and the skating one...