Event: I Like To Eat by Motorbot @ Dragatomi (Mar 13-Apr 3) / Q&A with "Chef" Motorbot


CLICK THRU for a little Q&A with Kevin Olson aka "Chef" Motorbot, and a slideshow peek at the buffet-spread of the year featuring custom-Labbits for his solo show @ Dragatomi, titled I LIKE TO EAT [tagged] ~ which launches March 13th and exhibits thru April 3rd 2010. Check out the live-streaming of event here / Customs are also available to purchase online here.

I have always been a fan of Kevin's work and have admittedly drooled over his food-themed customs, so this solo show (Kevin's first) is indeed a treat, I reckon for fans worldwide as well, IMHO.


TOYSREVIL: How did the solo show come about? I remember you mentioning about finding a place to host a food-themed-show back in 2008 ... so congrats on this show!

MOTORBOT: I've worked with Dragatomi on a few projects and when I saw they were hosting shows I asked of I could have one. They said yes and the ball started rolling

The food themed show has been in the back if my mind for years, so I had to run with it. Luckily the dragatomi crew was into it.

[37 x images in slideshow above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

TOYSREVIL: Any particular / specific menu-choice you were looking at, for this series of customs? (From appetizers to desserts). What food made the cut, and what was left in the kitchen?

MOTORBOT: I had a huge list of ideas. The original plan was to have 20 x 5 inchers and 10 x 10 inchers. The list got cut down mainly due to time constraints on my part.

There was no real rhyme or reason to which ones got picked. They were more or less in order on my list. So the leftovers were ones I just didn't get to.

TOYSREVIL: Are you happy with your selection so far?

MOTORBOT: Very much so. They all turned out better than expected. There are already plans for a follow up show, so I'll be able to tackle more of the list


TOYSREVIL: Second-servings? That sounds awesome! Looking forward to that! Tis been over a couple of years since our last interview ~ What's up next for Motorbot? More solo shows? New production toys?

MOTORBOT: I guess it has been a while. There's a lot going on. My small production company deadbear will be up and running soon. I'll use it as a vehicle to produce my own figures in resin. The debut of the deadbear line will be my next solo show at Super7 Florida on April 24. I've got a lot planned and I'm pretty excited about it. You'll have more details once I have them finalized

I also have several little collabs lined up with other artists and stores.

You should be seeing a production design or two released this year. No dates yet

Thanks for checking in and for covering the show

TOYSREVIL: Thank YOU for doing what you do, Kevin! And for enriching the hobby and culture with your creations!


[Additional product-images via Motorbot's flickr]


Anonymous said…
:)))) The best show Ive ever seen... The theme is so good... I like food and toys... both combined is just the best...