Toy-Teaser: 8 Inch Design Qee 2010 Collection from Toy2R x Emilio Garcia + Jon-Paul Kaiser + Niark1


PRESS: Toy2R proudly presents the lineup of 8 inch Qees from the upcoming Designer Collection - inspired by the upcoming Designer Series 6 Collection of 2.5" Qees - All three pieces are currently being offered by Apex and quantities will be limited. Expect to see the launch of the first Designer Qee Collection piece available in late summer of 2010. Email Apex at for more information.

CLICK THRU for a closer look and information about the 8 inch Concept Qee Bears from Emilio Garcia and Jon-Paul Kaiser, and the 9 inch Concept Qee Bunee from NIARK1! And tis about time Toy2R goes back to their designer/artist-related designs for their products, IMHO.


TOY2R-PRESS: From Jumping Brain creator Emilio Garcia is the Brain Pattern Qee Bear. Emilio created a customized Qee for an upcoming DIY Qee show but due to the response of his Jumping Brain collection and the peeks at his custom - Toy2R is considering creating it as a limited edition production piece. Limited to only 500 pieces worldwide - you don't need to be a genius to know this is a great piece of art - but using your brain to pre-order one before they are sold out would be wise!



TOY2R-PRESS: From the UK comes this first look at the concept 8" Qee Bear from Jon Paul Kaiser. Known for his amazing Black & White customs and artwork - his visions are stark and unique. Titled Zombie Pirate - this Qee design has something for everyone. Limited to only 500 pieces worldwide - Jon Paul Kaiser also has some Qee designs included in Toy2R's collaboration with Skelanimals for the upcoming Artist Series coming out this summer.


TOY2R-PRESS: Paris, France has given birth to a lot of great artists and Niark1 is one of those to be recognized as original and awe inspiring. Toy2R first saw one of his customs at an exhibit and was blown away by the use of color and detailed simplicity. Recreating one of his original customs - Oh No! 9" Bunee will be a spectacular piece to collect. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide - this will be the first 9" Designer Bunee Qee released for 2010.

[NOTE: The Bunee show above is a custom-painted Qee by Niark1 from 2009 and is NOT
the final Qee design in this series, but used for reference of awesome artwork only :)]
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