Toy-Release: Pico & Wilshire by Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects (Pre-order July 7)


From mythical-creatures (Terror & Magnus, not forgetting Friday), Joe Ledbetter goes prehistorical with PICO AND WILSHIRE: a 6" tall Sabretooth Cat sat perfect on the behind of a 12" tall Wooly Mammoth ~ both scheduled for a Mid-Fall release, with pre-orders starting July 7th via producers The Loyal Subjects. Limited to 415 units with a SRP of between US$155 to US$165 per set. CLICK THRU for full product-peeps, along with product-press.


PRODUCT-PRESS: The Loyal Subjects and artist Joe Ledbetter are proud to announce the release of PICO AND WILSHIRE. This terrific 2-figure set depicts Pleistocene drama at its finest! Trying to prove himself to the pride, an ambitious Sabertooth Cat (Pico) takes on more than he can chew with a peaceful Wooly Mammoth named Wilshire. 20,000 years ago ...they roamed what are now the streets of Los Angeles in large numbers.

Will Pico feed his family? Will Wilshire escape to live another day? Or will they both meet their demise in the clutches of the La Brea tar pits?


PRODUCT-PRESS: Speaking of large, this figure set is HUGE! The Sabertooth Cat (PICO) is nearly 6" and the Mammoth (WILSHIRE) stands 12" tall! Pico sits firmly on the back of Wilshire, as he sinks his claws into the back of the hairy pachyderm waiting to drive those sword-like incisors into the neck of this worried furry fella. The figure set boasts precise and detailed decoration, packaged in a large double-sided window box. The set is limited to 415 units and will retail between $155.00-$165.00USD. Available Mid Fall. Pre-orders will start July 7th, 2010.

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